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By Jr Roy Blount

Thirtieth Anniversary Edition

Any variety of writers may perhaps spend a complete season with an NFL workforce, from the 1st day of teaching camp until eventually the final choose of the draft, and are available up with an enticing ebook. yet in simple terms Roy Blount Jr. may well catch the discomfort, the enjoyment, the fears, the humor—in brief, the heart—of a championship team.

In 1973, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been large, yet neglected the bowl. Blount's portrait of a workforce poised to dominate the NFL for greater than a decade recounts the gridiron accomplishments and off-the-field lives of gamers, coaches, better halves, fanatics, and proprietors. About 3 Bricks Shy . . . is thought of a vintage; Sports Illustrated lately named it one of many most sensible a hundred activities Books of All Time. This thirtieth-anniversary variation contains extra chapters at the Steelers' great Bowl wins, written for the 1989 paperback, in addition to a brand new advent by way of the writer.

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But his expression was serene, and the breathtaking vista he faced must have been even more so at sunset. I gather from Steelers Forever, by Jim O'Brien, that most of the old Steelers are alive and thriving: Bradshaw and Swann on TV, Russell and Mike Wagner and “Mad Dog” White and Terry Hanratty in the money business, L. C. a CEO, Rocky Bleier in demand as a motivational speaker, Mel Blount running two youth homes, J. T. Thomas and Larry Brown owning and operating thirteen of whatever is the plural of Applebee's, and so on.

Oakland and Denver 23. The Body 24. Scouting 25. Losing Two Barely 26. Franco, Frenchy and Preston: Dancing and Blowing 27. Mean Joe 28. Money, and Supe 29. Hands 30. The Playov 1 ABOUT THE TITLE I got all my stuff together one time, and then I couldn't lift it. —ROGER MILLER Pro football players are adults who fly through the air in plastic hats and smash each other for a living. I now know a bunch of them, and I think they are good folks. They are made up, loosely speaking, of rickety knees, indoctrination, upward mobility, pain tolerance, public fantasies, meanness, high spirits, brightly colored uniforms, fear, techniques, love of games, Nutrament (a diet supplement used, sometimes with steroid drugs, for “bulking up”), corporate kinesthesia, God-given quickness, and heart.

The sign man is usually struggling with the wind and often seems about to be carried away by it, especially as he goes around corners. But if you evince a glimmer of interest in his message, while walking or driving past (not many people do) he will turn gradually so as to remain readable to you for as long as possible. People—including a good many in Pittsburgh—tend to look upon Pittsburgh as a Loser town. Perhaps it is the “Pitts” in the name, suggesting depression. Perhaps it is the immigrant millworker image of the population.

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