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کتاب های درخواستی در اسرع وقت ارسال می گردد.
حمایت از کتابخانه آنلاین سارویه

برای حمایت از کتابخانه آنلاین سارویه لطفاً صفحه اصلی مرورگر خود را روی "" تنظیم کنید تا روزی یکبار بازدید از این وبلاگ داشته باشید و در ارتقا رتبه وبلاگ در گوگل به ما کمک کنید.

روش دیگر حمایت از کتابخانه آنلاین سارویه خرید شارژهای اعتباری از "فروشگاه شارژ کتابخانه آنلاین" است.

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A longer passage from the New Testament, the beginning of Romans 8 taken from the NJB, may be studied now. The content of the letter to the Romans has many theological profundities in it which will and should always be present in any translation. Unfortunately, in the traditional English translations it has for the modern ear many unnecessary obscurities of language. In this letter some of the AV' s literal translations of Paul's phrac;es have left many a reader unnecessarily puzzled or misled (for example, 'condemning sin in the flesh' [Rom.

Phillips, Four Prophtts, p. x. N. Frye. Tht Grtat Codt: Tht Bibi~ as Littraturt (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1982), p. 5. 50 A Translator's Freedom recent, well-known collective ventures in new translation such as the NEB. the REB and many others have also adopted a general idiomatic approach. It is worth remembering that the origins of the NEB lie in a request from the Presbytery of Stirling and Dunblane to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 1946 that a translation of the Bible be made in present-day language.

But a number of modem translators have tackled the translation of nepes. and not just btqereb, in a radical way: for example Peter Levi has, 'My spirit, bless God; everything in me, bless his name and holiness', and Harry Mowvley has, 'Kneel, my true self, and adore the Lord'. Where the AV gives 'O my soul' and 'all that is within me', Fifty Psalms has 'as truly as I Jive' and 'from the bottom of my heart'. Related points arise in connection with the translation of Lk. 46, the first verse of the Song of Mary, a passage traditionally translated, 'My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit, hath rejoiced in God my Saviour' (AV).

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