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The negative or feminine energy is nurturing, sprouting in the dark. Babies grow in the darkness of the womb. Yet when the seed is pushed out by the positive energy (male energy) it needs to be received by negative or receptive energy (female energy). Both energies are essential to create life. In nature, masculine energy is the creating energy. We need masculine energy to birth a baby but feminine energy is necessary to nurture the baby in the womb. Masculine energy is the active energy, whilst feminine energy is the passive energy.

Know that thy body when in perfect balance may never be touched by the finger of Death. Aye, even accident may only approach when the balance is gone. When ye are in a balanced equilibrium, ye shall live on in time and not taste of Death. Know that thou art the balanced completion, existing because of thy balance of poles. As, in thee, one pole is drawn downward, fast from thee goes the balance of life. Then unto thee cold Death approaches, and change must come to thine unbalanced life. Know that the secret of life in Amenti is the secret of restoring the balance of poles.

They are feeding off the photon light and are growing much more rapidly. Once we are fully into this new energy, we will not need the sustenance of the sunlight as much, as the photon light will nourish our bodies, and we will find we do not need to eat as much. We will find that we can be as trim as we wish to be, as weight will not be a factor. We will be able to become who we wish to be simply by thought. Prior to this however, we will go through a period of adjustment as our earth, and our sun, moves fully into the photon energy.

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