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It takes a thief to trap a thief...and one kiss to scouse borrow a center. For one short second, woman Emily Knight knew what heaven was once whilst she shared a soul-searing kiss with Peter. yet a penniless adolescence schooled within the London streets can't love a stunning heiress—so he vanished, leaving Emily heartbroken . . . Now an impressive Bow highway Runner, Peter returns to seek down an elusive thief who is been preying at the Oxfordshire wealthy—even notwithstanding his venture needs to necessarily reunite him with the sensuous good looks who haunts his goals and whose style nonetheless lingers on his lips. yet as tantalizing embraces enflame their ardour once again, will Emily's wisdom of the thief's actual id remodel hope into mistrust and impassioned fans into harmful adversaries?

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You—” “Far from simple, Em,” Tristan cut her off, his jaw setting at a stubborn angle. “The brigand has robbed 30 KIMBERLY LOGAN three homes in Little Haverton in the last month, one of them the home of very good friends of ours. ” Peter took a step forward, coming to a halt in front of her, his expression serious. “Things are a bit slow at Bow Street at present, so my time is free as I will it. ” She froze, unable to speak past the lump in her throat. Finally, she forced herself to incline her head in a stiff nod, praying none of her guilt showed on her face.

I ’aven’t exactly been enjoying myself while you’ve been nattering on about Peter Quick for the last hour. You’ve barely even stopped for breath, so I didn’t think your question needed an answer. ” Emily bit her lip. Jenna was right. She’d done little else since she’d joined the younger girl here in the stables but fret over Peter’s arrival. “You’re right. I’m sorry. But I don’t understand how they can all behave as if the last four years don’t matter. ” “Yes. I mean no. I mean . . ” With a frustrated huff, Emily tossed aside the A KISS BEFORE DAWN 41 currycomb and sank down onto a nearby stool.

Jenna’s slow drawl drew her from her musings, and Emily looked up to find the girl watching her through narrowed brown eyes. ” “That’s true,” Miles mused, his expression curious. “Every time we’ve tried to ask you about it, you’ve put us off. ” Emily quickly avoided their too-perceptive stares. “Not precisely,” she murmured. An argument. If only it had been that simple. She had first met Peter Quick eight years ago, soon after the late earl’s death and Tristan’s return home. Angry with her brother for the years he’d stayed away and left her in the care of their indifferent father, she’d fought him at every turn, and had finally decided to teach him a lesson by running away.

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