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By Neil Oliver

Scotland's heritage will get a rewrite through archaeologist and historian Neil Oliver. How exact are the debts of Mary Queen of Scots's tragic dying or Bonnie Prince Charlie's forlorn reason? Oliver unearths a Scotland that solid its personal identification with luck, regardless of its union with England in 1707.

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From a central point somewhere between Loch Lomond and Rannoch Moor, the glaciers established themselves once more and advanced through the valleys all over again. All life - plants, animals and perhaps humanity too - was driven out for yet more centuries until a final thaw set in. By around 8000 BC the Cold Snap was over and the last of the ice had melted. The water returned to the oceans. Sea levels rose once more and a complicated dance began between the rebound of the land and the rising of the sea - sometimes the one gained most ground, sometimes the other.

The last signature to be written upon this land before ours has been that of the ice. Modern humans, people indistinguishable from us, lived first in the southern-eastern parts of Africa. A suitcase-full of bones is all that remains to testify to the emergence there of Homo sapiens sapiens something like 100,000 years ago. From that warm cradle they spread northwards and then east and west, gradually moving out in all directions until every part of the old world felt their feet upon it. The earliest evidence of the presence of modern humans in the British Isles is from Kents Cavern, in Devon.

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