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By Jenna McKnight

What in the event you had sculpted the precise reproduction of a stunning Greek god and, correct sooner than you are approximately to unveil it to a bunch of girls, it involves existence in all its bare glory? What in case your construction desired to gift you through pleasurable your each hope? What may you do?

in case you are Alexandra, you'll are looking to ruin anything.

The statue of Darius, playboy god, used to be purported to usher in much-needed money for the orphanage the place Alex grew up. Now that it has miraculously grew to become to flesh, she simply must provide it a small imperfection in order that it will flip again into the marble statue she created.

by no means brain that she fell in love with him—it—a little each day whereas she used to be sculpting the beautiful physique. by no means brain that he—it—is each piece as horny and captivating and strong as she imagined.

and he or she convinced as heck is not tempted via his heated provide to satisfy her each hope . . .

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Darius was sculpted by St. ” He could wiggle his fingers, his toes. Shift his weight from one foot to the other. Blink his eyes. With one hand, he did a quick count of the pièce de résistance. One, two, everything was there, and in the right size. “Please join me as we now welcome . . ” The drape was snapped off his head, leaving him on the stage alone, alive, and impressed with the view of hundreds of women seated before him. Openmouthed women, to be sure, as they gazed at his beautiful, perfect body.

Old ones, young ones; fat, skinny, short, and tall; each one was beautiful in her own way. He was a bit out of practice, but he used to be very good at finding each woman’s beauty. All he had to worry about was where to start, and how to keep the peace until he could get around to all of them. He grinned in anticipation. By Zeus, that felt good! Several women shrieked. One swooned. Most smiled and sighed lustily. Men jumped up from their seats, approaching him, yelling 54 Jenna McKnight orders at him to cover himself, at one another to throw the drape around him and throw him out.

Alexandra might not have time to fix him, or the damage might be irreparable. As the men lugged him across the studio and out the door, one slow step after another, he figuratively held his breath. And waited for the change to happen. He experimented with his telekinetic abilities and found them limited to things outside the statue. He could open the door and hold it from banging against the marble, but he was powerless to just pick up the statue and move it himself. Perhaps if he extricated himself?

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