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By David L. Pearson, C. Barry Knisley, Charles J. Kazilek

This colour illustrated box and traditional heritage advisor treats all 107 identified tiger beetle species present in North the United States above the Mexican border. Tiger beetles are one of the most generally came across and well known households of bugs around the world. allowing novice naturalists and pros to take advantage of identity methods--comparison of coloured images to dwell or fastened specimens, and use of illustrated dichotomous keys--full organic money owed emphasize issues for identity, behaviors, and habitats. Distribution maps express the place numerous species and subspecies are available. The authors advertise a brand new and intriguing job of insect observing as a substitute or complement to amassing (the basic feeling between "butterfliers" and dragonfly and damselfly enthusiasts). speaking essentially throughout the un-refereed magazine Cincindela, (Tiger Beetler) experts themselves want the time period, "cicindelophiles." They signify an ardent sublet of the turning out to be variety of critical novice naturalists who put money into outdoors actions looking and picking birds, butterflies, dragonflies, flowering vegetation, and diverse other kinds of existence.

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Senilis); B, front maculation reaches as far toward the inner edge of the elytra as does the bend of the middle maculation in the Short-legged Tiger Beetle (C. tenuicincta). 41 Tiger Beetles of the United States and Canada 42 104a Front maculation complete or at least with a dot on shoulder Oblique-lined Tiger Beetle (C. tranquebarica) 104b Front maculation absent, no dot on shoulder 105 105a Great Basin from Central Oregon to British Columbia; surface of elytra less shiny; labrum of female black Sagebrush Tiger Beetle (C.

Adults of this genus are flightless, with fused elytra, are all dark brown to black, and are the largest tiger beetles in the Western Hemisphere. Each species occupies a distinctive habitat, and no two species are known to occur together at the same site. Giant Tiger Beetles are not attracted to lights at night. Montane Giant Tiger Beetle, Amblycheila baroni Rivers (Plate 1) [Map 1] Description and similar species: Length: 20 – 25 mm; all black to dark brown with a smooth but dull or matte surface on the elytra; a single (rarely two), indistinct, raised pleat (carina) runs the length of the elytron just above the outer edge (see fig.

65); body usually > 15 mm long and proportionately stout Big Sand Tiger Beetle (C. formosa) 74a Middle maculation long, reaching back nearly to rear maculation; maculations not connected along outer edge of elytra 75 74b Middle maculation short or absent; maculations often connected along outer edge of elytra 77 75a Front maculation long, straight, and angling away from the outer edge of the elytra (fig. 27A) or absent 75b Front maculation not as above Oblique-lined Tiger Beetle (C. 26 A, cylindrical or symmetrical thorax shape (Bronzed Tiger Beetle, C.

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