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The CPU continually receives instructions to be executed. Each instruction is a data processing order. The work itself consists mostly of calculations and data transport: Data have a path to the CPU. It is kind of a data expressway called the system bus. You will hear much more about this later. Two types of data The CPU is fed long streams of data via the system bus. The CPU receives at least two types of data: ● Instructions on how to handle the other data. ● Data, which must be handled according to the instructions.

SIMM's with 2 MB, 8 MB and 32 MB are double sided. There are chips on both sides of the module. All these chips 16 Mbit ones. The newest DIMM-modules holds 64 Mbit RAM chips. This way a 32 MB module is made of only 4 chips since 4 X 64 / 8 = 32. Pentium system board with SIMM's On the Pentium system board, the system bus is 64 bit wide. Therefore, the SIMM's are installed in pairs. Since the standard system board only has two banks with a total of four SIMM sockets, RAM expansion possibilities are limited.

With BX chip set the system bus speed has come up to 100 MHZ. This puts new focus on the quality of the RAM modules. Hence Intel has made a new standard called PC100. Only SD-RAM modules that are constructed according to these standards are guaranteed to work at 100 MHZ. In some articles this new RAM is described at 125 MHZ SD-RAM. Rambus RDRAM Intel plans to use the so-called Rambus RAM (RDRAM or nDRAM) in the future. It is a advanced technology from an American company, who sells the technology to other chip manufactories for just 2% in license...

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