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By Charles Dickens

Simplified model of the vintage for college students attempting to improve their studying degrees.

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A Christmas Carol (Saddleback Classics)

Simplified model of the vintage for college students attempting to improve their studying degrees.

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What’s wrong, then, Mrs. ” said the first woman. “Poor people have a right to take care of themselves. ” “That’s true! ” agreed the laundress. ” cried the first woman. “Who’s the worse for the loss of a few things like these? ” “No, indeed,” said Mrs. Dilber, laughing. “If he wanted to keep them after he was dead, why wasn’t he natural in his lifetime? If he had been, somebody might have been there to look after him when Death came. ” “The truest words that ever were said,” agreed Mrs. Dilber.

He stood by poverty, and it was rich. He left his blessing wherever he saw misery—and taught Scrooge his lessons. It was a long night. It was strange, too, that while Scrooge stayed the same in appearance, the Ghost grew older. Looking at the Spirit, Scrooge noticed that its hair was turning gray. ” asked Scrooge. “My life upon this globe is very brief,” replied the Ghost. ” cried Scrooge in alarm. 53 Christmas Carol 53 9/16/06, 2:12 PM A CHRISTMAS CAROL “Tonight at midnight. Hark! ” The bells were ringing 11:45.

Maybe he’d even think to leave his poor clerk 50 pounds. ” After tea, the friends enjoyed some 50 Christmas Carol 50 9/16/06, 2:12 PM More Christmas Presents • 7 music. As Scrooge listened, all the things that the Ghost of Christmas Past had shown him came to his mind. He thought that if he had listened to more music, years ago, he might be a happier man. But they didn’t spend the whole evening on music. After a while, there were games. They played blind man’s bluff and then a game of How, When, and Where.

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